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Wish to write down for postwisher.com We are continually seeking out writers who recognize a way to preserve the readers engaged. We admire fine content material together with first rate thoughts that could pull increasingly readers to our internet site. The content material you write for us ought to be thought-upsetting and it should be shifting sufficient to preserve the readers engaged until the give up of the article.

We, at postwisher.com, welcome first rate writers consisting of your self to assist your logo and our internet site develop alongside. The sole goal of our internet site is to offer our readers with great content material that revolves across the charming global of generation. If you write content material for our internet siteyou’ll be capable of assist your customers apprehend a first rate deal approximately the goods and offerings your logo offers. We host an in-residence crew to edit and enlarge your content material if needed. All you need to do is put up your content material and our crew of specialists will edit your content material to make it even better.

Writing Guidelines For Article Submission

All the writers who select to proportion their thoughts with us, need to observe sure protocols for the article:

All content material submitted ought to be 100% plagiarism-loose. The content material shouldn’t incorporate any grammatical mistakes. Keyword density ought to be 1.5% – 2.5% (articles with key-word stuffing might be rejected).

Content ought to be as a minimum 500 words.

Content ought to have meta title (max 60 chars), summary (max one hundred forty four chars) & focused on tags (max 4-5).

Backlink ought to now no longer be within side the first paragraphs (You gets 1 do-follow everlasting backlink).

All the articles ought to have subheadings. Use key-word synonyms in heading and subheadings. Content ought to be nicely formatted.

Article niches like Adult, CBD, Casinos and Cryptocurrency aren’t accepted.

You can handiest use one hyperlink out of your content material. Formatting Guidelines for Article Submission A nicely-formatted content material is liked through the customers.

Our aim of offering useful and tasty content material may be finished with pretty formatted content material. Here are the formatting recommendations for visitor submit submission on our internet site:

The content material ought to be in Google Doc/ .doc/ .docx both as an attachment or a hyperlink.

You ought to use block formatting. The article submitted with the pictures ought to be original. The featured photo should be 750 x 305.

How You Can Submit a Blog? To put up your weblog at , https://postwishers.com/you could attain out to us at (e mail ID). You can ship us your content material with right key phrases and pictures. Once you’ve got got submitted the content material on the “mw08143@gmail.com“, our crew of specialists will assessment your content material and if it meets our standards then your content material might be posted in 1-2 days. You gets the posted article hyperlink to your e mail ID.

Note: We reserved the proper to regulate and delete content material at any time with none previous notice.

Keyword Combinations to Find Best Guest Posting Sites

You Can Search These Queries On Google Like: “loose visitor submit” + “key-word” , “loose visitor submit” + “net improvement” , “loose visitor submit” + “net design”, “loose visitor submit” + “virtual advertising and marketing” , “loose visitor submit” + “lifestyle”, “loose visitor submit” + “telecellsmartphone leak” , “loose visitor submit” + “enterprise” , “loose visitor submit” + “search engine optimization” , “loose visitor submit” + “video games” , “loose visitor submit” + “gaming” , “loose visitor submit” + “entertainment” , “loose visitor submit” + “video game” , “loose visitor submit” , “put up visitor submit” + “enterprise” , “enterprise” + “put up article”

Popular Search Strings For Guest Post Sites

Your Keyword “end up a contributor”

Keyword “end up a visitor blogger”

Your Keyword “visitor posting recommendations

Keyword “end up visitor writer”

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Your Keyword “contributor recommendations

Keyword “visitor author”

Keyword “visitor submit courtesy of” Your

Keyword “make contributions to our web website online” Search Keyword “visitor submit opportunities”

Your Keyword “visitor submit

Keyword “visitor poster wanted”

Your Keyword “visitor posts wanted”

Search Keyword “visitor column”

Your Keyword “seeking out visitor posts”

Your Keyword “ship a tip”

Search Keyword “put up an article”

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Your Keyword “put up weblog submit

Search Keyword “accepting visitor posts”

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Your Keyword inurl: “visitor blogger”

Keyword inurl: “visitor submit” visitor posting web sites for generation tech blogs that be given visitor posts “visitor posting” + “key-word

You Can Search These Queries On Google Like : “visitor posting” + “key-word” , “visitor posting” + “apple iphone“, “visitor posting” + “photography” , “visitor posting” + “finance” , “visitor posting” + “virtual advertising and marketing” , “visitor posting” + “lifestyle” , “visitor posting” + “telecellsmartphone leak” , “visitor posting” + “a way to” , “visitor posting” + “search engine optimization” , “visitor posting” + “music” , “visitor posting” + “bargain code” , “visitor posting” + “enterprise” , “visitor posting” + “cellular app improvement” , “visitor posting” + “gaming” , “visitor posting” + “entertainment” , “visitor posting” + “video game” , “visitor posting” + “net improvement” , “visitor posting” + “b2b “

“write to us” or “write for us” + “key-word

Also You Can Search : “write for us paid” + “key-word” , “write for us” + “finance” , “write to us” + “search engine optimization” , “write to us” + “virtual advertising and marketing” , “write for us” + “telecellsmartphone leak” , “write for us” + “a way to” , ”write for us” + “entertainment” , “write to us” + , “write to us” + “bargain code” , “write for us” + “cellular app improvement” , “write for us” + “programing” , “write to us” + “enterprise” , “write for us” + “enterprise” , “write for us” + “music” , “write for us” + “gaming” , “write to us” + “video game” , “write to us” + “innovation” , “write to us” + “net improvement” , “write for us” + “b2b” , “write for us” + “seek engine optimization”

“Technology” + “Write For Us” generation

write for us “write for us generation

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visitor posting” + “generation

put up visitor submit” + “generation

generation visitor submit” “loose visitor posting” + “generation

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virtual advertising and marketing search engine optimization

“write for us” generation + “write for us” + visitor submit Tech “Write For Us”

You Can Find More Tech Guest Post Blogs By Searching Write for Us Keywords

“tech” + “write to us”

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“tech” + “loose visitor submit” enterprise write for us visitor submit enterprise + write for us + visitor submit generation write for us” + visitor submit Gadgets “Write For Us”

We are Accepting All types of Content on Below Categories

  • Technology + “Write for us” + Guest Post =>
  • Digital Marketing Write for us =>
  • Education Write for us
  • Health Write for us
  • Travel Write for us
  • Beauty Write for us
  • Fitness Write for us
  • Sports write for us
  • Games write for us
  • Business Write for us
  • Tech blogs write for us
  • Lifestyle write for us
  • Food Write for us
  • Fashion Write for us
  • Astrology Write for us
  • Animated write for us
  • Entertainment Write for us
  • Technology Submit guest post
  • Home Improvement write for us
  • Tech Write for us Guest Post=> –
  • News Write for us
  • Animals & Birds Write for us
  • Life Style write for us
  • Pet Services Write for us
  • Horoscope Write for us

Keep these things in mind while writing for us

  • Word Limit – The word limit should be between 750-1500 words. The article must be engaging to the readers and also satisfying the guidelines of search engines.
  • Title & Content – Your guest post article topic must be related to our blog category. You can also confirm the topic via mail before sending the content. Please choose a catchy title and it should be interesting and attractive. It takes usually 1-2 days for article reviewing. We will send the live URL link as soon as the content is published.
  • Backlinks – You can add maximum 2 backlinks (1 do-follow and 1 no-follow). If the content consists of less than 1000 words, then you will get a single backlink. For further details you can mail us at mw08143@gmail.com that will include the payment rate and other blog related queries.
  • Images – It is compulsory to add a creative feature image, you can also add images related to your blogs to engage more and more viewers. Please remember image size should not be larger than 1MB.
  • Clean & Clear – While writing your blogs, make sure that the information display will be scannable i.e., highlight the important terms by underlining them, make use of bullets while giving the suggestions.
  • Promotion/advertisement: Make sure that you are not promoting or advertising any product or sites in your guest post blog. We do not accept any sponsored tags and there should not be any promotional language.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Your content should be 100% unique. After you are done with the blog or article, rule out identical content if found through the “Plagiarism Checker

How to Submit Blogs for Home Write for Us

We have already mentioned this briefly but to recap, you’ll send us your pitches and your content either by email or through the submission section of our website.

To submit by email, you’ll use the e-mail waseemsaleem10000@gmail.com Within the email, you ought to attach your article. After you send it, it will take 24 hours to review your work. If we aren’t satisfied with the standard of the content, we won’t accept it and your writing will remain your own. you’ll then submit it wherever you would like.

Guest posting may be a great opportunity to expand your audience and promote your work. This is the best way where you can write for us for the home category. It also improves your website’s SEO with the assistance of High Authority backlinks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a little blogger who is simply beginning or an outsized company looking forward to growing their business to the next level, Guest Posting can assist you a lot of the way.

Spending your precious time in writing content for somebody else won’t convince anyone unless you recognize that guest posting offers many benefits for both you and your website. There are a number of advantages of guest posting if you are preparing for a home write for us category and more.

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